Plywoods & Block Boards
Manufacturer's of Plywood, Block Boards, Finger Jointed Solid Wood & Flush Doors. "Prestige" is an ideal product where strength, toughness, durability, dimensional stability and elegance are assembled hand-in-hand. "Prestige" products are certified by Indian Standard Institute (ISI) and is an ISO 9001-2008 company.
Veneer is a thin sheet of wood that's been sliced, peeled or sawn from a piece of lumber. Because the sheets are so thin, veneers make the most of some of the surfaces of doors, modular furniture etc.A leading trader and supplier of quality plywood, laminate sheets, fiberboard, marine wood, MDF boards, sunmica and veneer wood , at Prestige Trades we deal with multiple brands of veneer , with premium quality and multiple options.
From General Purpose Laminates to Flex Post Forming Laminates, from Fire Retardants to Anti-Bacterial, you'll find it all here.Decorate your interior spaces with exotic range of decorative laminates from multiple companies , which offers a wide range of assorted designer laminate sheets.
Bison Panel
Bison Panel is a cement bonded particle board that is fire, weather, & termite resistant a good sound insulating material, dimensionally stable, possesses a smooth surface with wood workability, & is chemically stable. Bison is a unique all-purpose particle board that can be employed for a multitude of applications, both for interiors & exterior use. It can be used for doors, false ceilings, external & internal wall claddings, mezzanine flooring, acoustic roofs, car porch ceilings, roof underlays, interior & exterior walls, single & double skin partitions, guard rooms, duct covers, building facades, furniture, cupboards, school benches, kitchen underlays, outdoor cabins, prefab shelters, wall sidings, & more. Bison is unique among particle boards in that it is available in a wide range of thicknesses - from 6mm to 40mm. Such a wide range contributes to it's application versatility.
Soft Board
Jolly Softboard is soft, resilient, light coloured sheet material 10 to 25 mm thick, manufactured from bagasse (sugar-cane) fibres. Jolly Softboards are grooved or drilled to improve their sound absorbing capabilities and then used as acoustic boards. They are used for ceilings and wall linings particularly where reflected sound is to be reduced. Jollyboard is a premier manufacturer of different types of Insulation Boards including soft board. The soft boards of our company are in great demand and suitable for every requirement of soft board as well as various types of insulation boards. Jollyboard has been producing softboards in India since 1958.Our soft boards are highly suitable for ceiling, partitions, panels and floorings. Insulation Board and soft boards of jollyboard are comparable with the best in the world.
Vinyl & Wood Flooring
As one of the largest suppliers of wooden flooring products of India. Our products include laminated floorings, solid wood flooring, bamboo floorings and engineered flooring. All our flooring products are strictly made as per European norms to give our customer the best value for money and full satisfaction. More ever it is made according to Indian climatic conditions.
Wall Papers & Carpets
Buy Wallpapers at Best Prices: Shop from a wide range of modern/ contemporary wallpaperdesigns for office and buy kids wallpapers best suited for your interior needs.
Acrylic, Pu, Laminated Shutters
Find here details of companies selling Kitchen Shutters in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Get latest info on Kitchen Shutters, suppliers, manufacturers and wholesalers. Arcylic solid surfaces provides limitless possibilities for creative design, closely aligned to the demands of the project thanks to its excellent feature of thermoforming. With a multitude of colors and thickness clients can have their kitchen flooring or multiple surfaces highlighted for an asthetic pleasure.
Modular Kitchen & Wardrobes
Prestige Trades takes pride in presenting kitchen solutions that have redefined the modular kitchensspace. We provide Modular Indian and Imported Kitchens offering the trendiest modular kitchens in Banglore, India. Find customised kitchen designs in Bangalore & India that work for you.
Cabinet Handles & Locks
Prestige has to ensure high degree of innovations, inventions, and implementation of latest technology and set benchmark in Indian lock industry by delivering high precision locks with multiple options in terms of safety and reliability.
Hardwre Fittings
Directory of stainless steel fittings, hardware fittings suppliers and hardware fitting exporters. Get details of manufacturers of hardware fittings,from Hettich , Ebco ,hafele and more.
Kitchen Sinks, Baskets & Faucets
Simple, Stylish and Innovative technology. Kitchen sinks.Prestige brings to you a catalogue of choicest kitchen ware, kitchen sink and quality accessories.Prestige offers a classic and premium range to choose from. The kitchen sink is one of the busiest spots in the kitchen — it's used for everything from food prep and cleanup to food disposal. Because it wears multiple hats, you need to invest in a nice kitchen sink that will stand the test of time. Whether you prefer stainless steel sinks or the popular farmhouse sink, there is something out there to accommodate even the pickiest home chef.
Kitchen Chimneys & Hobs
There are few dishes you cook in the kitchen which do not require any frying or cooking. A cheese-and-bread cold sandwich comes to mind on this account, but how long can one survive only on cold sandwiches and raw food? At some point, you are going to turn on that hob and place a pan on with the intent to sauté, fry, and deep-fry something or the other. We all know what happens next. Your home fills up with the smoke from the frying pan, and the backsplash gets covered in grime. Your eyes water, and if you are anything like me you will have a sneezing fit trying to get the strong odors out of your sensitive nose. Well, the good thing is you do not have to spend all that time trying to air out your kitchen anymore. Even though kitchen chimneys are not a new thing, it’s only recently that the trend of having a modular kitchen replete with kitchen hobs and chimneys has caught fire. And if you were wondering just how to go about finding the right chimneys and hobs for your kitchen, we have got it all mapped out for you.
Acrylic Solid Surface
The first thing to remember is that you need a hob that will fit into your kitchen’s work counter. You can pick from a range of stainless steel hobs, glass hobs, and induction hobs, depending on how you like to cook. Gas hobs are the traditional choice for Indian homes, but if you are eco-conscious and want a change from tradition, then induction hobs will work well for you. Choosing between stainless steel and glass surfaces can be a tad tough. While glass surface hobs look amazing, they also need to be maintained carefully and stainless steel as we all know is sturdy and can withstand some tough love.
TMT Steel
TMT bars are backbone of every civil construction deep rooted into foundation they bear the load of building, slabs, beams, columns and of course the live load of the people and their belongings. And as the strength of every structure,the TMT bars have to be ready to withstand the loads including windstorms and earthquake.Poor quality materials such as cheap steel bars usually contain high levels of unknown elements which are harmful for construction. This means that the steel bars do not have required chemical and physical properties. Now customer is alert and due to higher level education and better purchasing power, They need better quality of product and prepare to pay for it. TMT steel bars are steel bars that are manufactured with unique metallurgical process known as “Thermo Mechanical Treatment”. These TMT bars are approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards for building and construction projects. The Fe 500 and Fe 500D are some of the better quality TMT steel bars that are available in the market today.